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Quality food for human and animal consumption

Fat & Protein

Human and animal consumption

Foodboss Belgium are importers of soy and fish protein in various forms for the international market. Produced using the latest equipment to enable an output of hygienically and health-safe feed certified with ISO 9001,SGS,FAMI-QS.

Meat & Fish

Frozen, Fresh and high quality is an international food trading company our main products are fish, poultry, beef and pork delivered from main production areas of Europe, North and South America and far east for the international high demand market

Fruits and Veggies

Jars, Cans or Dried

We at Foodboss know all about preservation. We take care of the import and exprort from all canned or dried products of all major international production sites. As an expert in the food industry we only provide the finest products.